It's All Thread!

It's All Thread!

55" x 67"  2007

This quilt was made from white fabric only (actually a king-sized high-count cotton jacquard sheet!)  All color is from digitized machine embroidery incorporating about 32,000 yards of Isacord thread.  Four types of machine embroidery were utilized;  all-over stitching to form the colored fabric which I pieced together to form the sashing (I digitized this with Bernina software), motifs (the green feathers, a Zundt design), quilting designs (from OESD), and free-standing lace stitched on water-soluble stabilizer (the lace border and nearly 700 tiny flowers, Zundt designs).  The binding is wide on the back, and also has machine-embroidered designs.  The only hand-guided quilting is done in the sashing and white border with white and monofilament threads. 

This quilt won 1st place in the Computer Aided Machine Embroidery category at IQA Houston 2007, and 3rd place in the Great Embroidered Quilt Contest category at the AQS Knoxville 2009 expo.  It was featured in the July/August 2008 issue (#404) of Quilters Newsletter magazine, the Summer 2008 issue of Quiltmaker's Quilting & Embroidery magazine, and the Summer 2008 issue of Quilts A World of Beauty; Journal of The International Quilt Association.

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