Our Whole Life

Our Whole Life

I made this quilt for my parents’ 50th anniversary. The Collectibles Quilt by Wendy Etzel, 1995, RCW, got me started with the idea of a photo transfer bookcase quilt, and I took off from there. I managed to get photos of 5 generations of family, and made enough photo transfers to create 52 “framed” photos on the bookshelves, including my parent’s wedding picture and their wedding invitation. The titles of some of the “books” are the names of my grandparents, my parents, my sister and me, and our children. Other “books” are titled with significant events or interests in our lives. As an added touch, I machine embroidered a Peace rose, which was my maternal grandmother’s favorite flower, and added a basket with a piece of crocheted work spilling out of it. This was made by my father’s aunt, who was born deaf, but did exquisite crochet work. When they saw the quilt, they were both speechless and teary-eyed, and my father said, “This is my whole life!” Yesss! Machine pieced, appliquéd, embroidered, and quilted.

Wendy still has copies of her book available; you can contact her at .  The exact pattern for this quilt is not in the book.  Every memory quilt will be different because of the things the maker includes.  The book provides great inspiration!


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