Chrysanthemum Cameo

Chrysanthemum Cameo

22-1/2" X 25-1/2"  2008

This little machine-embroidered quilt is made with a lot of left-overs!  The single mum machine-embroidery design is the motif I used in "Plum Mums"; the central cameo fabric is left over from "David's 21st Birthday Quilt"; the peach fabric used for the cabled bias applique was left over from "Tulips and Twists"; and the little purple free-standing lace flowers are left over from "It's All Thread!", as is all of the thread used in the embroidery.  Like almost all my quilts these days, I made a free-standing lace border, embroidered on water-soluble stabilizer.  All machine embroidery designs are from Zundt Designs.

Pattern and instructions for this quilt are featured in Quiltmaker's Quilting & Embroidery Summer 2009 issue. 

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